From The Archives: Books 29, 30, and 31: The Mortal Intruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Books 29, 30, and 31: The Mortal Intruments Series by Cassandra Clare
Verdict: Read if you like YA adventure-fantasy-romance.
This series consists of three books- at least that I read- "City of Bones", "City of Ashes", and "City of Glass". The series was originally meant to be a trilogy, so I stopped with the 3rd book. The 3rd book wrapped up the plot nicely, so I felt no need to continue further. 

Book one, "City of Bones", contains a twist that kept me frustrated for the rest of the series. The twist actually surprised me, a feat that not many YA novels manage to do. It introduces you to the two main characters, Jace and Clary. Clary has lived her life as a normal human teen, that is until she meets Jace. Jace is part of a secret society of protectors. This society has an element of magic- mixed with runes and fighting skills- that they use to protect mankind from demons. Man cannot see demons, but they are there and this society is killing them. Of course Jace and Clary find out that they are the link to stopping the most terrible threat to not only their ways but the world's. The next two books follow their journey to stop the threat. 
Although the 1st book managed to surprise me, I found the next two predictable and slightly frustrating since the characters took a book longer than me to figure out the truth.
It's an intense read that definitely keeps your mind engaged and I couldn't put them down. Although I haven't read the succeeding books, I wouldn't recommend them. The progress that is made in the first three would have to be destroyed for the story to successfully continue.