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Book 104: "Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris

Title: Dead Ever After
Author: Charlaine Harris
Read In: Nook ePub
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

The last Sookie Stackhouse, the thirteenth of the series. I'm glad it's finally over, to be honest, it should have ended about four books ago. The book was still well written and more of the same style and tone of the previous 12. However, for the LAST book of a series this was.... rather boring. Way too much time was spent telling the reader about Sookie's day-to-day life, aka cooking, bathing, sleeping, doing household chores  WAY too much time. I don't want to care to read about any of that. The ending was pretty much how I expected it to end, the only way it could have while keeping each character in tact. I won't spoil it, but for the many of you who quit reading the books and still want to know... message me and I'll tell you. Overall, I was just disappointed that a series that began so strongly ended so weakly. I'm gla…

Book 103: "Etiquette & Espionage" by Gail Carriger

Title: Etiquette & Espionage Author: Gail Carriger Read in: Nook ePub Format Genre: Steampunk YA Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
As you've probably figured out by now, I love Gail Carriger. She is definitely one of my favorite authors; her blog and books are simply fun and charming. This is book one of the Finishing School Series, Carriger's second series of books. The main difference between this and the Parasol Protectorate Series is that the Finishing School Series is young adult (YA). Thank goodness for Gail. I can't remember the last time I read a new YA that wasn't full of angsty, whiney teenagers. The main character, Sophronia, is refreshing. She is smart, brave, confident, and doesn't give much thought to what others think of her. Add to this a pretty good mystery, the amazing vocabulary that caused me to love Carriger in the first place, and a wonderful steampunk victorian world and you have a pretty good read. If this is your first Carri…

Book 102: "The Windup Girl" by Paolo Bacigalupi

Title: The Windup Girl
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
Format: ePub on Nook
Genre: Dystopian/Alternate Reality
Publisher: Night Shade Books

First review for a while, but since I finally finished my thesis I got to devour this book as every book deserves. I enjoyed this book. It was not life changing or amazing, but definitely enjoyable. I'll start with the downsides so we can end upbeat. But first, what the book is about:

Set in Thailand, mostly Bangkok, this book takes place somewhere in the future. Genetic engineering and disregard for our environment have led the world back towards days when travel is hard, energy limited, and most everything is done the hard way- by hand. In this world, food and energy are the most expensive items a person can buy. Plagues have wiped out both people and many of the world's plants and animals. The storyline follows several seperate characters who, invariably, meet or connect in some way throughout the book.

The downsides are:
The book was definit…

A Renewal Promise

I have FINALLY finished my thesis and soon will, officially, have my MS Publishing degree. Some of you already know this. But what you don't know is that now I find myself with an immense amount of free time...
So I will now make up for the neglect I have shown you all the last two years. I have set the new goal of reading and reviewing at least one book per week. After two years of not being able to read recreationally, I have a LOT of catching up to do. The first on the list..... The Wind Up Girl.  I'm over half-way done, and hopefully will finish in the next day or so.

To all who have faithfully been reading my sporatic posts over the last two years... I thank you for reading and hope you continue.

Let the reading begin!