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Book 136: "City of Dark Magic" by Magnus Flyte

Title: City of Dark Magic
Author: Magnus Flyte
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Read In:  Trade Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Magical Realism

I loved this book. I have a hard time placing it in genre. It rings most true to magical realism, though it obviously lacks the Latin/South American origin that usually goes with that genre; it is also a bit more aware about the unrealistic nature of what happens. Regardless of where it falls, it's a very good book. I finished it on Saturday and it is still with me. I can't seem to escape its world.

Primarily set in Prague, this book is full of intrigue, murder, mystery, history, music, friendship, magic, and love. The characters are unique and complex. The writing is wonderful, it completely wraps you in the world the characters are experiencing. The book is written in first person, from the point of view of two characters. The primary character is Sarah. Sarah is a PhD candidate who specializes is Beethoven. She is asked to help sort and determ…

Book 135: "I Hunt Killers" by Barry Lyga

Title:  I Hunt Killers (I Hunt Killers Series 1)
Author: Barry Lyga
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult Thriller
Read In: Trade Paperback

Jasper, or Jazz, is the son of notorious serial killer. He both blames himself and fears himself just because of this one fact. To help with these feelings, he has a strong need to "help" the police find murderers. This book is basically the Dexter of YA. The only real difference is the main character is a teenager who has been trained to become a serial killer, but doesn't want to be one. In fact, he wants more than anything to prove to himself he is NOT a killer. Because of the acts of his father, he lives as a societal pariah with one friend, a girlfriend, and a crazy, senile grandmother.

Though this wasn't the most original of ideas, the book was good. The characters are endearing and the plot is exciting; it kept me reading as a thriller should. It's also well-written. I have never heard of Bar…

Book 134: "The Duff" by Kody Keplinger

Title: The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Author: Kody Keplinger
Publisher:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Read In: Trade Paperback
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

I'm going to be honest (well, I try to always be). This book took me by surprise. I really wasn't expecting much from it. I had seen the movie, which was amusing enough to induce curiosity and cause me to read the book. I was expecting a lot of drama, angst, and not particularly great writing. While there is some drama and angst, this book is well written. I actually liked it quite a bit. A lot more that expected.

The storyline begins with the main character, Bianca, getting called a DUFF or the Designated Ugly Fat Friend by the "popular" guy in school. The term is not meant to signify that the person is ugly or fat, just more that they're the approachable person of their friend group. The key, as it were, to their more attractive counterparts. The term sends Bianca into a spiral and causes her to reev…