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Book 157: "Imprudence" by Gail Carriger

Title: Imprudence (Custard Protocol Series #2)
Author: Gail Carriger
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit

 As you have probably guessed, I really liked this book! Carriger has yet to fail me with her stories.

This is the second book of the Custard Protocol Series. Book 1 was, Prudence. I am sad, my fellow readers, to let you know that Carriger won't be releasing book 3 of the series next year. However she is providing us with Novellas instead, which, if they are all as wonderful as Poison or Protect, should tide us over, almost. I can be patient- like I have a choice.

I apologize for digressing. As usual, I really enjoyed Imprudence. It is action packed, has fantastic characters, it made me laugh, and yes, even cry a little. I won't provide spoilers. But I believe I enjoyed this book even more than the first of the series. I'm really growing to love the offspring of the Parasol Protectorate characters just as much as their parents.

So read this book AFTER you have read: …