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Book 169: "How To Be Single: A Novel" By Liz Tuccillo

I actually chose to read this because of how inspiring I found the movie. I wanted more of that, I wanted to delve deeper into the characters that the movie had given me. Big mistake. This has been added to my very, very short list of books that are worse than the movie (it holds the number 3 slot). That may be harsh, the book was well-written. It's characters and plot were well developed. The book should have a disclaimer saying, don't ever read this book while single. Ever.

This was one of the more depressing views I've ever read on relationships, men, and dating in-general. This is an entire book about how women just let ourselves be walked on and how men are -everywhere in the world- cheating, lying, scum that women must simply accept. Frankly, this book was not a fair or accurate portrayal of either sex. Every woman in the book was desperate for that one love or wanting so bad to be married she'd settle for less. The one good guy in the book was depicted as borin…

Book 168: "Trash" by Andy Mulligan

I chose this book solely based on its cover (book club assignment) in the Denver International Airport Tattered Cover to read on the plane and the beach. Sometimes, picking a book based on it's cover works out. I really enjoyed this book and it was not at all what I expected.

This is the story of three boys who live the landfills of South America, picking through trash for recyclables  and anything they can sell to survive. This is a story of 3 boys who find an important bag of money and clues that lead them straight into the heart of the corruption of their city. Told in first person through each of the 3 boys along with their mission teacher and his assistant, this is mystery and adventure story that you simply can't put down.

The entire book is well written and exciting, but what really draws you in are the characters. They are all endearing and I honestly loved each of them for their depth and individuality.

The other great thing about this book? The ending. It was exact…