Books 143 and 144: Fables Volumes 4 and 5 by Bill Willingham

 Title: Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers (Fables Volume 4) AND
Fables: The Mean Seasons (Fables Volume 5)
Author: Bill Willingham
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Read In: Trade Paperback

I love this graphic novel series. If you're unfamiliar, this series is based on the idea that fairy tale, fable, legend, etc. creatures have all been forced out of their homelands into our world by an enemy they call The Adversary. To survive, they have set up two locales within our world. Fabletown is the center of the action, hidden in New York City. This is where the majority of human, or those that can pass as human, Fables live. The Farm is in upstate New York and is where all the non-human or anyone that can't pass as human lives in secret from the outside, human, world. Though I am only through volume 5 of the series, they recently published their last one, ending at 22; so I have quite a few to go.

I love this series for several reasons. First is that it's a slew of all your favorite characters- but each with a new twist. Second, it humanizes those characters; there isn't really a single one (excepting the Adversary) that is all good or all bad. They have been made more realistic and relatable to the reader. Third, each volume has it's own inner plot that is resolved within that volume (at least so far). However, there is also longer standing plot and events that continue past each volume; so it is important that you read them in order. This means you grow more connected and learn more about the characters in each volume. This also helps keep readers engaged.

The illustrations are very well done and extremely detailed. They really add a lot to the story, as they should.

Since this is the middle of the series and I'm pretty sure I haven't reviewed them before. I won't go into detail about these two volumes.

But, if you like Fables, fairy tales, legends, etc. and graphic novels; I definitely recommend this darker take on your favorite characters.