Book 145: "Chased by Fire": by D.K. Holmberg

Title: Chased by Fire (Cloud Warrior Saga #1)
Author: DK Holmberg
Publisher: ASH Publishing
Read in: Kindle Ebook
Genre: YA Fantasy

I like the concept of this book. I like the world that it is set in and the way that magic (called shaping or sensing) is closely tied with nature. I like the culture of the world, so far. I like the characters. But the story, while it is entertaining and draws the reader in, is predictable and your standard YA book.

In other words, a teen full of angst who feels inadequate finds himself thrust into an adventure full of responsibility and with an exceptional gift he didn't know he had. Falls in love with mysterious girl who lives on the outside of his known world/community. Has a gruff, experienced, wise mentor guiding him through said adventure and teaching him along the way. There is, as of yet, no love triangle; so that is refreshing.

The only thing I really did not like about the book is that the main character is kind of an idiot. He takes a very long time to figure things out that everyone, including the reader, should have figured out long before. I suppose this falls under the fact that I found this book predictable but I really hate when I figure out something the main character should figure out at the same time and instead said character takes forever to figure it out. It leaves me frustrated. 

The book did have a few obvious typos, but that lays more in the fault of the publisher than the author and I'm finding is fairly common in books that have been re-formatted to be in eBook form.

As it stands, I found this book to be an okay read. I may read the next in the trilogy to see what happens, but I'm in no hurry to. If you are looking for a fast, entertaining read that requires very little thought (I read this primarily at work while on hold with insurance companies), it serves that purpose. But I wouldn't recommend you put it at the top of your TBR list, either.