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Book 101: "If on a winter's night a traveler" By Italo Calvino

Verdict: Read (I'll have to read again)

(A very short and sweet review this time around)

I really enjoyed this book, but am going to have to read it again before I make a definitive judgement on what its theme is. Friends, if you like trans-modern literary fiction, this book is for you. It is immediately interesting because it begins with you, the reader. That is right, the narrative is second person, so you are the protagonist. Interesting, right? It is also describing your experience of reading the new novel by Italo Calvino. Are you intrigued? You should be. This is a book of beginnings. A book of love, adventure, and mystery. Really, if you like to pick things apart, as I do, this book is a wonderful read. I have been focusing on my thesis and other life events so did not devote the time or concentration to the narrative that it deserved. I apologize to you as well, since I feel like I need to do a re-read before I'm comfortable picking it apart for you. In the mean time,…