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Book 158: "Once Upon a Zombie" By Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson

Book: Once Upon a Zombie: Book One: The Color of Fear
Authors: Billy Phillips and Jenni Nissenson
Read In: Nook ePub
Genre: YA Zombie/Fairy Tale
Publisher: Toon Studio, Inc

I hate zombie books. It is simply a genre I've never really enjoyed. So when my book club chose Zombies as our theme a couple months ago- I was less than thrilled. I searched for the least zombie, fastest read I could find. I found it and was pleasantly surprised. This book was cute, not super original, but cute. It also sends a message that I wouldn't exactly want my teenage girl to read though it is paired with a message that is good. Let me explain.

This book is set in our world and the world of Fairy Tales. The Fairy Tale world has been struck with a Zombie plague by the Queen of Hearts. The Royalty of the land are the only ones that, though zombified, have retained their own free will and personalities. They need the help of a mortal girl, who they lure in through graves. The Disney Princesses are the main…