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Book 112: "I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore

Title: I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies Series #1)
Author: Pittacus Lore
Read In: Nook ePub
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

This is the first book in the Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore. Pittacus Lore is a pseudonym for James Frey and Jobie Hughes. James Frey, you probably know as the author of A Million Little Pieces. This is a YA Sci-Fi series. The basis of which is: there are aliens among us. The main character is an alien in hiding, one of nine, he escaped to Earth with his guardian to preserve their race. Their planet, Lorien, has been decimated by Mogadorians, another alien race, that travels from planet to planet using up their resources (sound familiar?). The nine Loric that escaped from Lorien are hoping to hide on earth until their Legacies develop and they can fight back; eventually getting to return to Lorien. Their Legacies are special powers that each Loric develops.

The plot.... is predictable and not all that original. The characters …

Book 111: "The Revenge of the Dwarves" by Markus Heitz

Title: The Revenge of the Dwarves (Dwarves Series #3)
Author: Markus Heitz
Read In: Trade Paperback
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit

This is book three of four in the Dwarves Series by Heitz. I like this series; it is well written and unique. I've covered why in past reviews.

Book three, The Revenge of the Dwarves, was less cohesive than the first two books. The books are character driven, which I like, because it creates complex characters with a lot of development. However, this method seemed to overtake the plot a little too much in the third book. The characters showed growth and became even more complex, but the plot was underdeveloped. Though the book was still enjoyable, the plot was simple and seemed pieced together in a very loose way. With the complexity and mystery that was built up for the first part of the book, I expected a more complex and better explained reveal.

Overall, because the characters carry the book, I still enjoyed reading it. I will also be reading the …