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Book 141: "The Lies of Locke Lamora" by Scott Lynch

Title: The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard #1)
Author: Scott Lynch
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Read In: Nook ePub
Genre: Fantasy

I really liked this book. A lot. This is the first book in The Gentleman Bastard series and I look forward to reading the rest. This book is unlike most other fantasy novels I have read, which I adore. I always enjoy a new style and idea when it comes to reading. Lynch also uses a character driven style, which is my preference. While it is obvious that Lynch draws on some classic literature for inspiration, (most obviously Oliver Twist) it is more a way of honoring said literature than by stealing its ideas.

The Lies of Locke Lamora, obviously, centers  around the character Locke Lamora. The story is told following two storylines. There is the main storyline of the novel that features Locke and friends as adults. There are also "Interludes" which tell the story of Locke and a few of the Gentleman Bastards growing up. The Gentleman B…

From the Archives Double Feature: Books 27 and 28

Book 27: "Blameless" By Gail Carriger Title: "Blameless" by Gail Carriger
Verdict: Read (after the first two, of course) "Blameless" is Book three of the Parasol Protectorate Series. The series is considered Steampunk. As with the first two, I loved the wit and the language. The plot of this wasn't as strong, or as engrossing, but still an awesome read. I was thrilled that this book managed to resolve the very frustrating end of "Changeless". Overall, read the first two book reveiws, "Soulless" and "Changeless", for more information. I will definitely be reading the fourth book "Heartless" due out July 1st.
Book 28: "Eyes Like Stars" by Lisa Mantchev Verdict: It was okay "Eyes Like Stars" is a Young Adult fantasy novel that incorporates classic theatrical figures. The protagonist is Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, known as Bertie, a foundling infant who is taken into the care of a magical theatre that…

Fromt the Archives: Book 26: "The Picture of Dorian Gray" By Oscar Wilde

Book 26: "The Picture of Dorian Gray" By Oscar Wilde Title: "The Picture of Dorian Gray" By Oscar Wilde
Verdict: Read This is Oscar Wilde's only novel. It was first published in 1890 and later had additions/edits that ultimately added six more chapters. The novel is character driven, primarily by the Lord Harry. His philosophies on life drive the progression of the story, from Dorian melding his soul to the painting to Dorian choosing to live a life of debauchery. In fact, each major plot point of the novel is preceded by a philosophical discussion. The novel is toted as a gothic horror, however it seems to stay true to the Victorian novel. For instance, the novel is not in first person, but the usual 3rd person narrator. Although there is an element of the supernatural, as far as form, the novel is Victorian. I was disappointed with the novel overall. I fear that I had built it up in my mind as a great story, but once read it seemed more a place for Wilde to vent …