From the Archives: Books 51 and 52- Dwarves Series 1 and 2

Books 51 and 52: The Dwarves and The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz
Verdict: Good, but not a must read

As you can probably tell by the titles, this two part* (as far as I know) series is a fantasy series about Dwarves. This is really what drew me in to reading them. Dwarves, if you read fantasy, are always side characters, loveable friends, or the misunderstood race. This book features Dwarves as the heros and the protagonist is, of course, a Dwarf. Other than the main characters being Dwarves and a deeper peek than I've ever had into Dwarven culture, these books are your basic epic fantasy. The Hero has to save the day.
So, overall, the books are interesting and well-written. They are even original in their characters. However the plot line was not as original an idea as I hoped the Dwarven theme would take on. Read or don't read. They are enjoyable and I liked them, but I don't think you would be missing a classic if you didn't read them.

*Present Day*
There are now two more books to this series, The Revenge of the Dwarves and The Fate of the Dwarves.  There is also the start of a spin-off series with the "evil" race called Righteous Fury : Legends of the Alfar. So far I have read three of the four in the series. I have to admit, that since writing this review the books have grown on me quite a bit. I think of them fondly and with enjoyment. As the world of this series expands, I find myself liking them more and more.