From the Archives: Book 50: "Fables: Legends in Exile" by Bill Willingham

Book 50: "Fables: Legends in Exile" by Bill Willingham
Verdict: Definite Read for any Graphic Novel Lover

"Fables" Is a graphic novel series that takes fable, fairy tale, and legendary characters and puts them in exile in New York City, with their own underground society. They take a Noir form (gritty with a mystery to solve) and are fantastic. I loved it, they hit on everything you realize is weird as an adult. For instance; why does every princess marry Price Charming? Well in "Fables", Price Charming is one very sleazy man. Really, it is highly amusing. I suggest you read it.

If you have not read a graphic novel before, however, I don't suggest that this be your first one- there are others that are better for people who are unaccustomed to this style of storytelling.

**Present Day note**
There are now 22 volumes of this graphic novel series. Volume 22 is the final volume, so now is a great time to start because you KNOW that you'll only be catching up. I have, so far, read 5 of the Volumes, recently acquiring Volume 6 and truly look forward to reading the rest of the series. I will, of course, keep you updated as I read them! They are still highly rated, so I have high hopes that the series does not get worse. There are also spin offs to the story. and the series has won many, many awards. This series still comes highly recommended by me!