Book 150: "Calamity" by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Calamity (Reckoners Series #3)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Read in: Nook ePub
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Genre: YA SciFi/Fantasy, alternate reality

This is the final installment to Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners Series. I really enjoy these books. The series includes: Steelheart, Mitosis (short story set in this world), Firefight, and Calamity. They are suspenseful, funny, entertaining, and character driven. They also manage to surprise me and keep me guessing about what, exactly, is going to happen. To recap, this series is set in an alternate reality where people began developing superpowers, following the appearance of Calamity, a bright red light in the sky. Those that develop powers are called Epics. For some unknown reason, Epics are selfish, power hungry, evil individuals; regardless of who they were prior to becoming an Epic. The Reckoners are an underground group of people that fight and/or kill Epics. Each book, they learn a little more about why Epics are the way they are; they use this information to better their cause.

The last installment of the series was exactly what it should have been. It is exciting and entertaining the entire time. It ties up every loose end nicely. Each character develops as they should. The story managed to keep me revising my theories of the ending and it still managed to surprise me. I don't want to say much more, because of spoilers. But this is a really great series and I highly recommend it. The books are not long, they are fast-paced, easy reads. Perfect for upcoming summer vacations. If you haven't read the series, I suggest you do so.