Book 97: "Enchantment" by Guy Kawasaki

Verdict: Okay

This is a non-fiction business book about how to "Enchant" people to join your cause. I have to be honest, it was required reading for one of my classes this semester. I found it, okay. The book is well written, espiecially for a self-published book. Kawasaki has some good ideas, but mostly I found the book common sense. Don't champion something you don't believe in, don't lie, don't make promises you can't keep, or ask people to do something you wouldn't, etc. Basically I felt like this book was teaching people how be decent, honest, and overall to act ethically. The other main issue I had with this book is that Kawasaki has an immense enchantment with Apple. He uses them as great examples of how to enchant. This only bothered me because I'm anti-Apple; it made me feel a little less-than-enchanted with his book. Other than that there were some interesting stories and examples of real-life enchantment. I wouldn't call this a must-read, but I wouldn't avoid reading it either. As definitive as that is for you.