Book 156: "Black Silk" by Jan Gordon

Title: Black Silk
Author: Jan Gordon
Read in: Nook ePub
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I unknowingly picked up this book thinking it was a cool twist on the were story- with were panthers! While yes, they are were-panthers...this is a romance novel, pure and simple. Well, not really pure. There is very little plot in any other context aside from the small-town girl who owns a bookstore falls for a were-panther who mysteriously shows up in town storyline. Of course she's in danger so he's extra possessive in the name of protection and they fall in love. Oops- I ruined the ending.

If you can't tell that the paragraph above is less than impressed, don't worry. I'm not too worried about spoiling the ending for you because really- I just saved you time. This book is not good. It is trite, shallow, and really only has one purpose- to make women swoon. Don't read it. Just don't.