Book 153: "A Question of Will" by Alex Albrinck

Title: A Question of Will
Author: Alex Albrinck
Read on: Nook ePub
Publisher: Alex Albrinck

I haven't ventured into the self-published arena since the last couple I tried to read were so full of grammar and plot errors, I couldn't get through them. This restored my faith that if authors are willing to put in the work self-publishing can work.

This book is the first of The Aliomenti Series; I will most likely read the next book at some point. The story is very original. It is science fiction written with the feel of an urban fantasy. The story is set on the premise that there is a secret society, called the Aliomenti, that is always far above and beyond the rest of the world technologically. They keep it this way so that can stay in power and wealth.

Will is mistaken to be a rogue escaped from the Aliomenti, but also possibly the most powerful within their history. I can't tell you much more without giving key plot points away. But it really is a good story.

The plot is well constructed. The book is well written. The story is interesting, though it definitely has some slow pieces.

Overall, give it a shot, it's an entertaining read.