From the Archives Double Feature: Books 27 and 28

Book 27: "Blameless" By Gail Carriger
Title: "Blameless" by Gail Carriger
Verdict: Read (after the first two, of course)
"Blameless" is Book three of the Parasol Protectorate Series. The series is considered Steampunk. As with the first two, I loved the wit and the language. The plot of this wasn't as strong, or as engrossing, but still an awesome read. I was thrilled that this book managed to resolve the very frustrating end of "Changeless".
Overall, read the first two book reveiws, "Soulless" and "Changeless", for more information. I will definitely be reading the fourth book "Heartless" due out July 1st.

 Book 28: "Eyes Like Stars" by Lisa Mantchev
Verdict: It was okay
"Eyes Like Stars" is a Young Adult fantasy novel that incorporates classic theatrical figures. The protagonist is Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, known as Bertie, a foundling infant who is taken into the care of a magical theatre that houses every character of every play ever written. The sets that are created are real and can be summoned just by naming them.The players are bound to the theatre and cannot leave it. Bertie is searching for her place in this magical world.She is also striving to discover the truth about her past. To do so she writes plays about her parents until the answer reveals itself through the magic of the theatre.

Within the theatre is "the book" that contains every play ever written. This is what binds the players to the theatre and keeps the magic going. When a character's entrance page is removed from the book, the player is free to leave. As Puck starts tearing out pages of the book, Bertie strives to find them all and save the magic of the theatre.

Although I love the idea of this book, it didn't capture my attention as well as I hoped it would. I still suggest reading it, for the creativity of the plot, but don't expect it to completely capture your heart.