Book 164: "The Thief of Always" by Clive Barker

Title: The Thief of Always
Author: Clive Barker
Read in: Mass media paperback
Genre: Children's Fantasy/Horror

One of my best friends (you know who you are) has been on me to read this book for a very, very long time. I finally did and am so glad! This book was first published in 1992; I'm not quite sure how I missed out on it as kid, but better late than never!

I'm not sure how to explain this book. It is incredibly unique, as much of Barker's work tends to be. The main character is Harvey, a 10 year old boy is bored. Bored with life- school, chores, his toys, the weather. That is until he meets a strange man named Rictus. Rictus promises him a break from boredom and takes him to the Holiday House. The Holiday House is a child's dream: eat what you want, do what you want, all four seasons happen every day including the holidays that come with them. However, it isn't too long before Harvey realizes that something isn't right. That the Holiday House is full of secrets and all is definitely not as it seems. I will not say anymore so as to avoid spoilers, but the story is gripping and fantastic.

Read this book. Read it to your kids and/or have them read it. It's truly unique and very well-written. It is dark, yet light-hearted. A true fantasy/horror tale for kids that adults will enjoy as well. This is one of those books that, while written for children, transcends age and is an enjoyable read for all ages.