From the Archives: Books 42 and 43: Mordant's Need

Books 42 and 43: "The Mirror of Her Dreams" and "A Man Rides Through" by Stephen R. Donaldson
Verdict: READ NOW

"The Mirror of Her Dreams" and "A Man 
Rides Through" by Stephen R. Donaldson are the two books that comprise the fantasy series Mordant's Need. These books were unlike any fantasy I have read and immediately jumped into my favorite fantasy books. In these books, magic is carried out through the use of mirrors. You create an image in a curved or flat glass and then anything in that image can be translated from or to that image. This land is called Mordant. Mordant, however, is in need of a hero. Enter Terisa Morgan, a modern day girl of our world. An apprentice imager mistakenly finds her and brings her back to Mordant believing her to be an Arch Imager- the most talented with mirrors. She, being from our world, is then thrown into a political struggle full of intrigue and political powers that she knows nothing about. The only person she is sure she can trust is the clumsy imager that brought her through, Geraden. Together they must discover their real power, become confident in it and save Mordant. They of course, also fall in love. 

I don't have much that's negative to say about these books. They were well written, tightly crafted, and kept me interested the whole time. I was a little frustrated when it took characters longer to figure things out than it did me, but overall I absolutely LOVE these books and suggest them to anyone who has even the slightest taste in fantasy. They are rather large, so don't let that deter you, they are worth every moment!