From the Archives: Book 5: "Mexican High" by Liza Monroy

"Mexican High" by Liza Monroy
Verdict: This is a MUST READ for most
As I start this out I'm going to warn that this review may not be as cohesive or as long as the rest for the simple reason that I read "Mexican High" last fall and am not really sure how well I remember it. It is one of those books that sucks you in and you can't put it down until you are finished. Liza Monroy effectively captures your attention.
Mila is the daughter of an American Diplomat and she is used to moving around, finally she is getting settled in a school and her mom gets relocated once again, to Mexico City. Mila is not happy, to say the least, but she goes along with the move and soon enough is getting to know Mexico City better than her mother would like.
Mexico City, Mila finds, is the shangri-la for teens. In this massive city, teens have free range, especially if you have rich and powerful parents. Mila's mother falls into that category, well at least the rich part. As any angry teen does when given free reign, Mila goes overboard.

This is where you can't put the book down. As my coworker so amazingly put it on our break today, Mila is inherently flawed. You can't help but hate everything she does, but you want to know what happens, and just when you think that it can't get worse, her friends' parents start getting assassinated.
This book is full of teen angst, but in a new way, the angst of a normal teen with actual life or death situations. It really is a must read!
*Present day note*
I have actually been wanting to re-read this book for a long a while. Perhaps when I do, I'll provide a better review for you.