A Post About Posts

Hello my readers,

I realize that my posts are infrequent. I do apologize, you deserve better. While it is one of my goals this year to become more consistent and read more (which is really a never-ending goal of mine) I want to be sure you have reviews to read. Also, I'd like to consolidate all my reviews to one cyber-space. So here's the plan:

I will be going back to my old Facebook group as far as it will let me and pull from the archives of my reviews. I will re-post these reviews once a week (excepting the weeks I post new reviews)  so that as many reviews as I can find will be present here. These posts will be title "From the Archives: [Insert book title here]". This way, you will know if it's a new review or a re-post. I hope that you enjoy the re-postings. Maybe you missed one or haven't been following me that long. Here is your chance to catch up, or not, whichever pleases you. I will be editing posts, adding or deleting thoughts that come to me to be sure they're updated to my current standards.

So, that's the plan. Look for the first archives post next week!