Book 100: "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion

Verdict: Eh.

Okay, so I have to admit, right off, that I am not a zombie fan. I just can't get into it. I know it's a fad and long standing cult tradition but I just don't like them. I don't like zombie movies, shows, or apparently books. This said, I don't hate zombies, I just don't really care for them one way or the other. I let you know this because try as I might, this opinion of mine did end up effecting how I read and enjoyed this book. To my knowledge this book is probably pretty unique, so props to the author for that.

This book was recently adapted to a movie so I'm sure you're aware of its premise. But just in case, here I go. The main plot is that in post-apocalyptic USA, man is on the verge of collapse and zombies have successfully destroyed the world. But something is changing; at least for one specific zombie. R is slowly becoming less dead than his friends; mainly because he falls in love with a human girl (I think). Anyway, what makes this book unique is that it is written in first person narrative from the point of the main character and zombie, R. It's his story about being a zombie, falling in love, and hopefully becoming something more than his current state of being. Aside from being unique, the book is also well-written, and apparently funny. (I say apparently because I, again, don't really understand the zombie fascination and often don't get the humor in it. When telling aspects of the book to Joey, however, he laughed out loud.) So, I guess if you like zombies and are interested in a young-adult zombie love story- this is a book you'd enjoy. Again, it was well-written, no plot-holes that I can find, and apparently funny. I simply don't care for zombies.

I would love to hear from anyone that does love zombies and has read this book. Please correct me if I've mistaken it for humorous. Also, just let us all know what a zombie fan thinks of the book, please and thank you.

And since this my 100th book, thank you all for reading, especially those who have been with me the whole time :-). I look forward to another 100 books with you all.